User Management

Inviting New Users

Cyber Ranges allows you to quickly invite new users and assign roles and range access so your entire team can benefit from the range environments you've created. You can invite individual users, or add in bulk to quickly onboard entire teams or get ready for larger events.

Navigate to the User Management page.

To invite a users, input the users' Emails and optionally assign Global Permissions and/or range access. Then select the Send Invites button. We'll send an invitation email to the user with instructions on logging in for the first time.

User invites are valid for 7 days. If you need to resend an invitation for any reason, you can click the user's name and select Resend Invite.

Managing Existing Users

You can view information on existing users in the User Management page. At a glance, you can view user:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Range Access
  • Permissions (Creator/Manager)
  • MFA Status

To edit a user, select the user's name. You can manage the Name, Permissions, and Range Access of users which you have permission to manage.

To remove a user, select the "X" icon then confirm you wish to remove the user.

Your User Profile

To manage your user profile, select the Settings icon in the bottom left of the dashboard. You can edit your Cyber Ranges display name, enable/disable MFA, or change your password.

Password Management

To change your current password select Change, enter your current password, and choose a new password for the application.

If you've forgotten your password, select "Forgot your password?" from the login page and enter the email registered with Cyber Ranges. We'll send you an email with a temporary password which you'll be required to change upon logging in.


Password Requirements

Be sure to select a strong password! At a minimum your password must be 8 characters long, and include the following characters:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Number
  • Special

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Cyber Ranges also supports MFA. To enable MFA, select Enable from the Account Settings page and scan the QR Code in your preferred authenticator application (Google Authenticator, DUO, Authy, etc.). Then, enter the TOTP to confirm your MFA setup.

You may also Disable MFA at any time.

Global Permissions


The "Manager" permission grants full control over the Cyber Ranges account. Users with this permission can access all ranges and perform user management. They also have all of the permissions granted by "Creator".


The "Creator" permission grants users the ability to create resources that are accessible to all users in the organization. They have the permission to: launch ranges, make templates, and make custom images.

Range Access


Users with "Viewing" access to a range can see all of the resources associated with that range, but are restricted from updating these resources. These users will be able to see all systems, applications, readmes, and documents. They will also be able to create "Admin" VPN configs which allow network access to all systems in most ranges. These users are able to control the power of a range, and can take snapshots and revert to them.


Users with "Editing" access to a range can update the infrastructure and metadata of that range. This means the ability to add/edit/remove systems/apps/networking/snapshots/readmes/documents, as well as the ability to modify range settings. These users can also delete the range.


Users with "Limited" access to a range can only see resources that have been expressly permitted. Systems, apps, readmes, and documents can all be configured to allow access by "Limited" users. These users can control the power of the range and revert to existing snapshots.

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