Team Sim Scenarios

Publish custom Team Sim scenarios to your Immersive Labs organization.

What is a Team Sim Scenario?

Team Sim is the Technical Exercising solution built for cybersecurity teams within the Immersive Lab platform. It stress tests technical teams in realistic simulations of cybersecurity incidents to Assess, Build, and Prove their ability to effectively respond to the latest threats.


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Check out the Immersive Labs site to learn more about Team Sim here: Cyber Team Sim.

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Team Sim uses the Cyber Ranges platform to power hyper realistic environments for it's exercises. A Team Sim Scenario is the definition of a specific exercise and has the following components:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Theme
  • Difficulty Rating
  • Template
  • Participant System
  • Key Takeaways
  • Documents (Brief, Debrief, Files)
  • Tasks

Immersive Labs maintains a catalogue of Team Sim Scenarios available to all customers. Admins within the Cyber Ranges platform can view the current catalogue, including all associated documents and tasks here: Team Sim Scenarios Catalogue

Creating a Team Sim Scenarios

Customers of both Team Sim and Cyber Ranges have the ability to create completely bespoke Team Sim Scenarios within their Cyber Ranges account.

To create a new scenario, navigate to the Team Sim Scenarios tab and select New Scenario. You'll be prompted to provide a Name and Description which you can edit later. Once you've created a new scenario, select it and Edit to provide additional details required for an effective Team Sim.


Update the high level details of the Team Sim Scenario:

  • First, choose a Theme to classify the scenario as either Offensive or Defensive focused.
  • Define a Difficulty Rating for your scenario. This helps Team Sim managers find and assign appropriate exercises for their teams.
  • Choose a Template. This is the Range Template that will be deployed for each group that participates in the Team Sim exercise
  • Choose a Participant System from the Range Template. Each participant in the exercise will have their own copy of this system deployed for use in the exercise.
  • Define Key Takeaways. Help managers understand the key takeaways participants should have after exercising in this scenario.


The scenario Documents are crucial to both making sure participants have the information they need to be successful within the exercise and ensuring Team Sim managers can aid in the facilitation of the event.

  • Brief: The Brief is shown to both participants and managers of a Team Sim exercise. It should outline background details about the scenario, and any specific information the participants need in order to effectively participate. Common details in the Brief include:
    • Scenario Overview - what are participants being asked to investigate?
    • Range Details - specifics about the environment participants are about to investigate.
    • Tool Info - what tools have been deployed within the range to leverage during the investigation?
  • Debrief: This document typically includes a walkthrough of the specific attack path related to the scenario. It should include enough details for an exercise facilitator to offer meaningful direction to participants for each task.
  • Files: You can include files along with your scenario, however these are not currently supported within the Team Sim product in Immersive Labs.


The Tasks defined for each scenario outline what exactly we're asking participants to do throughout the exercise. Each task has several components:

  • Name: This field will be displayed directly to participants and should describe the specifics of the task. What are we asking participants to do?
  • Points: A point value associated with the task. This will allow weighting of certain tasks within the scenario, and could eventually contribute to Immersive Labs Leaderboard points. Not Currently Utilized in Team Sim
  • Correct Answers: Tasks can support multiple correct answers. Input each possible correct answer on a separate line in this field.
  • MITRE Techniques: All tasks should be mapped to the MITRE Techniques they relate to where possible. We use these MITRE tags to understand performance within an exercise and to recommend other Immersive Labs content to participants.