Range Templates

What's a Template?

The concept of a Range Template is core to the Cyber Ranges platform. A Template is a collection of all the data we need to automatically deploy your range environment within minutes. It includes things like:

  • System Details
  • Networking Design
  • Range Documents
  • Range Metadata
  • Estimated Runtime Cost

Any currently deployed range can be Templated for automated deployment, all without the range creator needing to write a single line of code! That's right, no writing Infrastructure as Code deployments. This means any Cyber Ranges user can instantly build their own range environment and create a Template to allow anyone with a Cyber Ranges account deploy it. No hardware, no code, and no fuss.

Creating a Template

There are two approaches to take when creating a new range template. You can make changes to an existing template, or start completely from scratch.

Launch an Existing Range Template

To build off of an existing range template, you'll need to launch a new copy of that range from the Launch New Range page. Select from your available Templates and Launch!

You can also browse the Templates available to you by visiting the Templates page. Selecting the Launch icon of your desired template will automatically link you to that template in the range launching screen.

After launching your desired starter template, make your changes and customizations. For help, check out our guides on Building Ranges.

Launch a new Blank Range Template

You may elect to design a range that's entirely your own. Awesome! To do this, select New Blank Range from the range launching screen.

Prebuilt Templates

The Range Marketplace is a collection of prebuilt templates developed and maintained by Cyber Ranges and our partners. Prebuilt Templates are available for anyone to launch and include six distinct environments:

  • Shirts Corp - A retail themed range for pentesters and defenders
  • Eagle Bank - A more sophisticated network with financial institution themes and artifacts
  • Spark Studio - Attack a segmented network and analyze with an Elastic Stack
  • DetectionLab - Chris Long's lab to simplify testing, analysis, research for defensive security practitioners
  • Attack Range - Spin up Splunk's popular Attack Range project faster than ever
  • AD Quickstart - Get started with a configured active directory environments at a few different functional levels

Shareable Links

Range Templates are now shareable! Immersive Labs Cyber Ranges users with the Creator role or above can make custom templates in their account public, and provide a shareable link for others to launch their ranges.

To make a custom template shareable, select the desired template from the Templates page, then select "Share Template" under the Sharing section. This will make your template public, and anyone with the link will have the ability to Import and Launch your custom range designs.


Public Templates

By making your Range Template public, you are allowing any Cyber Ranges user with the template link to launch your range design. These users can then further customize and template the range.

Once a range has been shared you cannot revoke access to that template from anyone who has already imported it into their account. You should treat sharing a range template like creating an open source project.

Once a template is public, the AMI's for a template are also made public and will be available to all AWS accounts.


Could not make all images public

If you get this error - it likely means that your EC2 limits do not support enough public AMIs to share the relevant range template. The default value is usually 5, and you will need a public AMI for each system in the range. You can request a higher limit in the AWS Service Quotas dashboard.

What’s Next