DHCP Options

What are DHCP Options?

DHCP Options Sets help provide configurations to the systems launched into your range environments. You may specify the DHCP Options for Range Systems, Admin VPN Clients, and Attacker VPN Clients. For each of these, you may provide Domain Names for the systems to be aware of, as well as DNS servers to use for resolving domain names.

Range Network DHCP

This set of options applies to systems deployed within the range network, including any attacker systems. Domain Names and DNS server IPs are pushed to new systems at launch, and any updates to these settings are eventually applied to currently deployed and running systems in the range (usually after a couple hours).

Admin & Attacker VPN Clients

These options sets are applied to VPN Clients that connect to the range environment via either Admin or Attacker VPN configuration files. Set these if you want your connected systems to easily resolve range system hostnames.

For a detailed description of DHCP Options sets, read the AWS User Guide. Note that Cyber Ranges environments do not support every available option within AWS DHCP Options sets.

Modifying DHCP Options

To modify these settings, navigate to your range Settings page under the DHCP tab From here, enter your desired Domain Names and DNS Servers.

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