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Our platform takes the hassle out of creating powerful cyber labs for training, research and development, hiring assessments, sales demos, and more! Build, Manage, and Share your lab environments through a central, intuitive platform.

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For anyone who's created a cyber lab, or full fledged cyber range, you know how arduous of a task it can be. Downloading and deploying virtual machines, configuring the networking and security groups, configuring the software, vulnerabilities, and logging, all take serious time and technical knowhow.

Once your lab is built out, you also need to make sure your team can access it reliably and securely. If you've built a lab or range designed to be deployed multiple times for training and events, you're lab building journey is just beginning! Next you'll need to develop all the infrastructure automation and test to ensure your environment deploys as you expect it to.

Snap Labs is working to make the complex pieces of this process easy, and eliminate the need to build out your own automation altogether. With our powerful Lab Building features, you can quickly create complex cyber labs for any scenario.

Get started building your own environments by reading through our Lab Building guide.


Maintaining your lab environments is an important part of making sure they stay a valuable tool for your team for years to come. Snap Labs provides a ton of useful Lab Management features for you easily access, update, save progress, and more.


Sharing access to your lab environments is an important part of making sure your team has the tools they need to train frequently and efficiently.

Snap Labs provides easy and secure access to all of your deployed lab environments, and easy team collaboration through the ability to invite users to the platform. To get the rest of your team started with Snap labs, visit our guide on User Management.

To share a lab publicly, read the Sharing section of Lab Templates.

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