Events within the Cyber Ranges platform are CTFs, exams, hiring assessments, or other events that can support external access to ranges and other platform content.

Since Events allow external user access, they are capped at a 30 Day Maximum duration. There are no hard caps to the number of users or teams that can participate.


Event Scaling

If your Event has a Range Template associated with it, and there are over 100 teams participating, please reach out to [email protected] with your estimated event size prior to the event to avoid potential range limit issues.

Creating an Event

To create an Event, you need to have an Admin role within your customer account. Navigate to the Events -> Manage Events tab and then select Create Event. You'll be prompted to provide some information about your event. (Bolded items are mandatory)

  • Name
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Image
  • Range Template

Be descriptive and succinct with your Event Name and Description. These will appear in the Event card and are intended to provide an at a glance view of what the event is. You can include more detailed descriptions and instructions in the Event Documentation.

The Range Template is an optional event attribute. You can associate any of your range templates with your event to allow participating teams to launch that range template and participate in hands on activities during the event. Ranges are launched in the event creator's account, and the event creator will be responsible for any associated runtime costs. Event participants only have "Student" role access to the systems within this range once deployed.

You can change any of these values after the event has been created.


Events can also support objectively scored components, such as tasks, for assessments or other competitions. Scoring is submitted and viewed entirely within the Cyber Ranges platform. Once you've created an event, you can optionally create tasks for that event. To create tasks, navigate to the Scoring tab from within your event.

Creating Tasks

A task within an event has three attributes:

  • Name - The title of the task, or the question to answer.
  • Value - The "answer" to the question or static task value to be submitted.
  • Points - A measure of how valuable the task should be.

Tasks can be created, edited or deleted at any time after creating an event. Once an event has at least one task associated with it, participants will see a Scoring tab where they can submit tasks and view the scores of other teams participating in the event.


An event has specific Documentation which participants are able to view as soon as they are invited to the event. If your event has a Range Template associated with it, this will default to the range's documentation. Otherwise, there will be a default documentation template presented for you to edit.

Event Documentation is editable during the event to support live updates, and can include arbitrary files.


The last thing your Event needs is some participants! To invite participants and manage team assignments, navigate to the Participants tab within your event.

Inviting a Participant

Inviting an event participant is very similar to inviting a user to your account. Simply add the participant's email and select Invite!

Participants can be existing Cyber Ranges users, or new to the platform. New users will be prompted to create an account before accessing the event details.

Managing Teams

Within the Participants tab, event administrators can also create Teams and assign participants to them. Participants without a team will participate as individuals.

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