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Range limit reached

Hello, I could not begin with the courses, it is always displaying "Range limit reached" Do you have any sugestion about it? Thanks!

Lab stuck with error: We couldn't revert those instances right now because some are already busy.

Unable to shut down or revert the range. Would appreciate any help, thanks!

Password Spraying Lab

I just started the RTO. I'm in the Password Spraying lab. I'm able to perform the 1st two steps (ipmo and Import-Domain). What box is the ubuntu@DESKTOP-3BSK7NO machine? When I try to change folders (cd /mnt/c/Users/Attacker/Desktop/) on the Linux attack box it says no such file or directory. I can change to /mnt but there's nothing under it. I've looked in the list of servers/desktops but didn't see a standard ubuntu desktop. I know I must be on the wrong machine. Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks!

Accessing Kibana

Hi, For the CRTO course, after booting up the Elastic Stack ubuntu instance and running the elastic container with "start" it says the UI will be available at https\://localhost:5601 however neither Attacker Desktop nor Workstation 1/2 are able to access it. The Elastic Stack instance is simply a shell to boot the server so no browser to access it there. Anyone know how to get there?

Template format error: YAML not well-formed. (line 2, column 3)

Does anyone have a properly formatted YAML file they're willing to share? I'm pulling my hair trying to figure it out. Thanks in advance.

unable to connect aws account

the cloud formation template is not working , its producing given error Received response status [FAILED] from custom resource. Message returned: Missing Required Params Pls can you help

Template Format error

After creating and logging into my account, when I attempted to connect with AWS and clicked on the "Connect" button, an error occurred. The error message displayed: "Template format error: YAML not well-formed (line 2, column 3)." I would appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. Thank you.

Attak_range splunk template

I have deployed the attack range splunk template. Now I would like to simulate some attacks with python attack_range.py but I don't know where is it installed? Or should I deploy in another machine ? If yes, how can I indicate to use the deployed machine during the build ? Tks, Br, Tommy

We couldn't power off those instances right now because some are already busy.

Guys, I am unable to stop, reboot or revert the machines in a range which are stuck at launching or storing. Any idea how to fix this?

Cannot access the labs

Whether I try to access from the web console or with VPN: xxxx.access-snaplabs.io is not resolvable so I canot access the lab.