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Creating a snapshot

How can i create a snapshot for the environement?

Shirt corps not accesible

Hi, I have launched shirt corp themed , but some machine including admin machine are not getting up. Please resolve

Failed to connect to remote access server

Hi team i am facing this issue on the Eagle Bank template. How to fix this issue?

Questions on creating a Kali Linux lab

I've been watching a couple of videos and am very intrigued by your service. I see you have Kali Linux already included, but what if we want to add additional machines to the lab, such as a Vulnhub machine, or maybe Metasploitable? Those are machines that I would normally use in VirtualBox but am looking for a cloud solution.

Multiple community accounts connected to single AWS account?

I see that it is recommended to have a dedicated AWS account for SnapLabs. This of course implies one snaplab account <-> one aws account. Is that a requirement or can you have multiple snaplab accounts connected to a single aws account? snaplab account 1 | |----------------> aws account | snaplab account 2

Shirt Walkthrough

Hello, Is there a command walk through for the Shirts lab? I'm preparing to give training a systematic guide of the various attack paths would be helpful. I do see the existing guide, but it's a technique guide, which is helpful for the students, but not the instructor. I'm looking for command by command. Thank you.

Lab stuck at "Templating"

Hello, I tried to create a template of my lab but it seems stuck at "templating". I can not find any way to stop this process. Is there anything I can do? I can not see anything happening on the aws side either. Best, Martin

issues with openvpn connection

I'm trying to connect to my lab as attacker. My lab is on (AdminBox rebooted several times) and I can't connect to my lab. Is there an option that i missed?. I create openvpn conf on my profile for linux (using kali to connect).

2 NIC setup Ubuntu 18/20 failing

Hello - I have the following issue - I am trying to setup a webserver as part of an AD Forest and in order to achieve that I am trying to create 2 NICs on the webserver. The setup of the NICs in snaplabs is intuitive, but after adding the 2nd NIC via the interface I am only able to see one of them as up via `ifconfig`. I can find the 2nd one via `ifconfig -a`, but it does not have an IP address (neither v4, nor v6). When I use `sudo ifconfig eth1 up` it becomes available but only receives an IPv6 address. Trying to get a new IPV4/6 address via `dhclient -r eth1` disconnects the guacamole connection and renders the box unusable, even after rebooting of the box and the whole network. The same happens if I add the eth1 NIC via `/etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml` and then try to apply the changes via `sudo netplan apply`. You can find screenshots of the process here: https://maikroservice.notion.site/setup-webserver-snaplabs-io-887bf38ea97a47098c3aa6621767abae I don't know if this is a bug or due to my lack of understanding the process but I assumed that if I add a NIC via the snaplabs interface that it would be up and appearing via e.g. `ifconfig` and also receive the IP address I specified in the snaplabs interface (e.g. IPv4 here) Any chance you can help me figure this out? Thank you - maikroservice

Allow Snaplabs to access my labs that were deployed through Terraform

Hi, May I know if there's any configurations that I can change so that Snaplabs can access the labs/VMs I deployed through Terraform? Thanks. Regards, Xanda