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E-Mail address

Hi. How can I change my e-mail address if I do not have access to registered address? Thanks.

Stuck at Launching

How to fix that some boxes of the spark lab (and other labs which are "bigger") stuck at "launching". Tried a lot so far. - Every new start there other boxes stuck an "launching". - Sometimes boxes come from "launching" to "running" when I delete another box. - The "launching" boxes don't appear in the ec2 dashboard. - It is not possible to delete boxes and make a new template of a smaller version of the lab because when machines are launching templating is not allowed. Please fix this issue. The lab is not usable.

Attack box error

~/cobaltstrike> sudo ./teamserver Passw0rd! c2-profiles/normal/webbug.profile I get error message stating user has no access.

Payloads are not generating

I have repeated the same steps well enough that they haunt my sleep. At this point I am almost quite literally repeating the instructional material in my sleep. I've revisited the payload generation step where all stageless payloads are generated, yet REGARDLESS OF WHAT DIRECTORY I select ... nothing seems to work. The Cobalt Strike application is perfectly happy LYING TO ME about it's successful action. I've repeated these steps, rebooted the VMs, reverted back to snapshot and yet it still haunts like a RAVEN....EVERMORE. Please help, my poor lab hours have suffered enough.

unauthorized error message - cannot control my lab

taking my exam now and cannot continue.

not authorized error message

When I attempt to start my labs, I get a "not authorized" pop-up message. Has anyone encountered this problem before?

WiFi problem

Can I use internet in Kali Linux computer No in virtual box please tell me

Lab limit

Why is the lab limit set to 2 ranges?

Cannot create Macros or access Word > Options

I can't create Macros ( previously I was able to) and can't access the Word/Excel Options tab as it is all greyed out. I believe it might be something to do with the application not being registered or out of its trial period. How do I fix that please?

We couldn't power off those instances right now because some are already busy.

Hi, One of the systems in my lab is tuck on "storing" and can't be completely shutdown, reverted or re-started. It just gives the following error: `We couldn't power off those instances right now because some are already busy.` Any ideas on how to resolve?