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2 NIC setup Ubuntu 18/20 failing

Hello - I have the following issue - I am trying to setup a webserver as part of an AD Forest and in order to achieve that I am trying to create 2 NICs on the webserver.
The setup of the NICs in snaplabs is intuitive, but after adding the 2nd NIC via the interface I am only able to see one of them as up via ifconfig.
I can find the 2nd one via ifconfig -a, but it does not have an IP address (neither v4, nor v6).
When I use sudo ifconfig eth1 up it becomes available but only receives an IPv6 address.
Trying to get a new IPV4/6 address via dhclient -r eth1 disconnects the guacamole connection and renders the box unusable, even after rebooting of the box and the whole network.
The same happens if I add the eth1 NIC via /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml and then try to apply the changes via sudo netplan apply.

You can find screenshots of the process here: https://maikroservice.notion.site/setup-webserver-snaplabs-io-887bf38ea97a47098c3aa6621767abae

I don't know if this is a bug or due to my lack of understanding the process but I assumed that if I add a NIC via the snaplabs interface that it would be up and appearing via e.g. ifconfig and also receive the IP address I specified in the snaplabs interface (e.g. IPv4 here)

Any chance you can help me figure this out?

Thank you - maikroservice